The Science of Chiropractic

Anyone suggesting that Chiropractic is not scientific nor based on accepted science is displaying ignorance of the facts. The significant role the nervous system plays in the health of the entire body is the foundation for chiropractic care and has been researched intensively by many health care disciplines and scientists. As the master controller of all cells, tissues and organs in the body, the nervous system controls and coordinates the functioning of the body. Irritation or interference to the nervous system will impair that communication which then compromises it’s control over the body. Without 100% neurological communication, the body becomes more vulnerable and susceptible to disease processes and has a reduced ability to repair and regulate itself.

The removal of  nerve interference via the correction of vertebral subluxations allows the nervous system to correctly manage and re-establish control the bodily functions. Only with optimal nervous system function can the body fight off disease processes and maintain a state of  health.

Through an enormous number of studies published in respected journals, the effectiveness of chiropractic treatment has been well established within the scientific community. Chiropractic, with its natural, non-invasive approach has been  shown to be significantly more effective than medical management for many ailments, especially most commonly encountered spinal injuries and diseases.

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Spinal Nerve Function