Why Us?

Why Us? Dr. Steve Perman, West Boca Raton

Finding a good Chiropractor that you feel comfortable with that can help you improve your health and wellness is the most important thing. Here are a few answers to the “Why us” and feel we have the best Chiropractic office in boca raton. If you have any questions or would like to schedule a visit please contact us today! 561-852-4440

  • “No Wait Policy”. All of our patients are scheduled and seen by the doctor as quickly as possible.
  • Friendly and courteous staff.
  • Broadest selection of non-surgical, non-drug therapies.
  • Dr. Perman holds 2 Board Certifications–most chiropractors have none.
  • Over 35 years of clinical experience.
  • Professional, comfortable atmosphere.
  • Large private treatment rooms.
  • Convenient location in West Boca Raton
  • Secondary evaluations/opinions.
  • M.D. and attorney referrals.
  • Many insurances accepted; we do all the paperwork.
  • Multilingual staff (French, Swedish, Norwegian)
Go Natural!

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