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Disregard Last Email

Apologies for any confusion if you received a notification from my site. Was working with my web Master to create an article called “Do all disc herniations require surgery?” (They certainly DON’T!) But he misheard me and wrote “dual” instead of “do all”. So no, those with one–or two– disc herniations or even more do NOT necessarily require surgery. Sorry for any confusion. Dr P

West Boca Sports Chiropractor Re-Certifies in Performance Fascial Movement Taping

On July 31, 2016, Board-Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician Steve Perman completed an 8-hour course to re-certify in Performance Fascial Movement Taping. The class included both lecture and hands-on work shopping and was attended by chiropractic physicians, physical therapists and athletic trainers. The program was provided by Rock Tape; the CEUs were underwritten by the National University of Heath Sciences.

Dr.Perman originally earned his Level 1 and Level 2 FMT certifications in 2014 and provides this specialized care at his West Boca office to professional, semi-professional, amateur, recreational and scholastic athletes. Rock Tape products  and clinical applications are readily available at his office in Mission Bay Plaza.

Successful Advocacy in Washington, D.C.

The visit to Capitol Hill was quite productive! Our visitation team which I led included both doctors and students. We visited 23 offices of Florida congressmen (and women) and were very well received.Our bills included expansion of health benefits for active military personnel and their dependents, improved chiropractic access for veterans, and opportunities for new graduates to reduce student loan debt by working in an underserved region of the country. The photos attached are from our visit to Rep. Ted Deutch (my congressman, standing next to me-FCA President Dr. Mike Roberts, seated), and another  with Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz who was present when I received the ACA-PAC Leadership Award for this year.

Visit to Capitol Hill

My office will be closed on Wednesday, February 24 because I’ll be visiting Washington DC to speak with our legislators on Capitol Hill. I’ve been making these annual trips for well over 20 years and the topics of conversation will include expanding healthcare benefits under Medicare as well as expanding healthcare benefits for returning veterans.

As many of you know, I’ve been a fierce advocate for healthcare rights, not only during the years I spent as a state legislator in Tallahassee but also in the work I’ve done for both the Florida and American Chiropractic Associations. I will be posting a more complete description of my activities, and hopefully, successes on Capitol Hill when I return from the trip.

Applied Kinesiology

by Dr. Steve Perman

Applied Kinesiology (“AK”) is a comprehensive system of diagnosis and treatment originally developed in 1965 by Dr. George Goodheart. For more than three decades, some of the brightest and most innovative minds in the chiropractic profession have studied, practiced, augmented and refined AK so that it now is considered to be at the very cutting edge of natural, holistic health care.

Going beyond the basic concept of traditional chiropractic- spinal misalignment causing pressure and interference on the spinal cord and spinal nerves- AK addresses all of the components of the spinal lesion. These include the spinal nerve itself, a vascular (circulatory) component, a lymphatic (toxic drainage) component, a cerebrospinal fluid (dural) component, the acupuncture channel (bio-energetic) component and nutritional considerations. AK practitioners respect the complexity and variability in the human body when it is in a state of dis-ease or less-than-optimal health.

One of the primary diagnostic tools used in AK is manual muscle testing which can provide an incredible amount of information about the inner workings of the body. While physicians and therapists in many disciplines evaluate muscle strength as part of their orthopedic and neurological examination, an applied kinesiologist also uses the muscle strength (or lack of strength) as a potential indicator of deeper problems, including organic illness. Based on the concept that muscles and organs have shared “wiring” through the nervous system going back to embryonic development, AK has mapped out an elaborate and accurate system of muscle-organ relationships. Though someone may have a weak muscle without an organic problem, once an organ or organ system is under stress or diseased, there will be a corresponding pattern of muscle weakness that accompanies it.

Muscle testing is also used in AK for diagnosis/analysis through a technique called “therapy localization”. Simply put, if a muscle is tested and found to be strong and then the subject touches an area on their body that is not functioning normally, there will be a noticeable weakness in the muscle that was strong just moments ago. There are a number of theories being researched as to how this phenomenon occurs, but for the sake of this discussion, suffice to say that the body has its own “priorities” and when we localize on a “sick” area, the body’s “attention” shifts to the problem and results in the change in muscle strength.

The uses of this system of muscle testing are far-reaching. All of the components mentioned above can be evaluated including the direction of spinal subluxation, acupuncture points and channels and the need for nutritional supplementation. You can easily appreciate how useful this non-invasive analysis can be in the hands of a skilled practitioner!

AK also has its own methods of making spinal adjustments and cranial/TMJ adjustments, as well as treating conditions such as hiatal hernia, ileo-cecal valve syndrome, menstrual irregularities, allergies, learning disabilities, hypoglycemia, and migraine headaches to name just a few.

AK is taught as part of the curriculum in many accredited chiropractic colleges, though postgraduate certification is very rigorous and requires hundreds of hours of study followed by board examinations, as well as publishing requirements.

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